Lotus salon purpose:

The founder of Lotus engages in the beauty salon and nail art for more than ten years. We keep enriching ourselves by learning and developing new skills to let our customers have the most professional and comfortable experience. We hope that all the customers can feel at home and enjoy the best service.


Lotus’s service includes skin facial, body shaping, nail art, waxing, and ingrown nails treatment. From starting a business until now, we keep improving our skills and quality. Besides, we insist on never giving a hard sell. Instead, Lotus suggests every customer suitable treatments and products through detailed communication. After all, we ask ourselves to do the right things and treat every customer as our family.


We want to give the best to our customers. Therefore, all the products we choose are renowned brands for salon used. Instead of one-off consumption, we convey the concept of beauty, ask the quality, and respect the customers. Believing in “beauty is woman’s nature”, we always give you the best products and the most professional service.